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About Me

Hi - I'm Luis!
An aspiring UI & UX Designer currently living in Hannover Darmstadt, Germany. I've always had a passion for cutting-edge technology combined with a well-made User Experience. Whenever I encounter a product which combines these two I admire it and try to figure out every little detail about it. This sensation sparked my creativity and finally led me to design my own experiences. I became hooked on designing things and simply didn't stopped.

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Because actions speak louder than words this section is dedicated to my actions or rather my past and current projects. I’ve already had the luck to work on big projects with big companies which really helped me learn and grow as a designer. I also do a lot of stuff just to practice which you will also find here. Sometimes these projects are can be a bit weird, unconventional or incomplete but I think they are equally important.

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I strongly believe in the act of teaching yourself the skills you need. Ultimately nobody can do it for you. How good you are at something strongly depends on how much you want it. That’s also one of the reasons all my skills are self-taught. Through the years I’ve built a strong set of skills which include UX Design, Prototyping, UI Design & Web Development. I’m also fluid in the use of the major design and prototyping tools.

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